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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Our program aimed to give a proper awareness to the children and youth.Every year millions of people affected  by chronic diseases like HIV,Breast Cancer,and other related diseases.In my effort to doing awareness voluntarily through VENUS (since1997-2007) about HIV/AIDS and to create in a novel way of depicting  posters,quiz and painting competitions for children and youth conducted with painting exhibitions and with the educational institutions . We decided to do around the world -unfortunately no one supported me in this effort.I spent money for this from myself as a volunteer program from 1997-2007.No one associated,or supported till now.But I don't feel about it,and I am going through conducting this online competition around the world.

The proposed website is hosting soon and working in progress,and waiting to get sponsors for meeting the expenses of site and contest,we require only advertisements as sponsorship,no fixed amount for advertisements,you can contribute not less than $100. 

Saturday, 31 March 2012

VENUS:Art Institution and Art oriented Charitable Organization voluntarily fighting against HIV/AIDS since 1998,in a novel way of poster awareness programs,quiz and painting competitions,conducted for children and youngsters.Getting inspiration from posters students created their own pictures about the subject "AIDS and HUMAN FUTURE IN 21st CENTURY"-consent of UN and UNAIDS (Ref:world contest/HIV/AIDS/UN,UNAIDS/January 10,2000/VENUS)

We are required for sponsors,N.G.O's,Persons...who are interested to associate with us ,the proposed site is hosting soon.,, 

venus arts and charity: venus arts and charity: Official Google Reader Blo...

venus arts and charity: venus arts and charity: Official Google Reader Blo...: venus arts and charity: Official Google Reader Blog: New in Reader: a fres... : Official Google Reader Blog: New in Reader: a fresh design, ...

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Ref:world contest/education/HIV-AIDS/UN,UNAIDS/dated January 10,2000/VENUS.

Since 1998,so many organizations organized functions,sending arrows on a board bearing AIDS,running competitions and a group of people  walking with red ribbon-AIDS WALK or LIGHTING etc.
VENUS School of Arts/Venus Arts Painting Club
first time in the world,an art Institution voluntarily entered in the way of educational awareness poster exhibition and painting competition conducted about HIV/AIDS,among children and youngsters in April 6 t0 11,1998.Venus Arts Institute is an art work oriented  training Institution,recognized and grant in aid by Govt. of Kerala,(since 1951) in India-which has been fighting voluntarily against HIV/AIDS ,we conducted related poster exhibition with painting and quiz competition in Trivandrum,capital of Kerala in April 6-11,1998,and many awareness competitions conducted.In October 10 up to 12,2001 and November 25,2001,November 25,2005 andNov30,2005,March 31,2007 ,Augest 30,2007 and October 2,2007.

`Educational awareness competition for Children world wideVENUS ARTS PAINTING CLUB
Required sponsors in each country for conducting HIV/AIDS and GLOBAL WARMING online educational awareness quiz and painting competition for the students -in the age group of 10 up to 30 in every country.We request to associate sponsors,N.G.O's and persons to conduct each and every country.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Educational awareness competition about HIV/AIDS

NOVEMBER 25, 2005
HIV/AIDS epidemic poster exhibition and painting and quiz competitions  were  conducted on  NOVEMBER 25,2005 and  NOVEMBER 30,2005. 
 venus arts and
ST.MARY'S HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL,PATTOM,TRIVANDRUM:We conducted quiz and painting competition on the subject "AIDS AND HUMAN FUTURE IN 21 ST CENTURY" -consent of UN and UNAIDS.(a project of VENUS,JAN 10,2000)

We depicted posters about how to infect HIV ,how to prevent,causes etc (  some posters we got directly  from the Liason Office,New York, in 2002)

Students of this school got inspiration from posters,drawn impressive pictures.It was done in a very scientific manner.We again conducted in association with various cultural organizations.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

world wide educational awareness competition for children

MARCH 31,2007.
HIV/AIDS Educational Awareness Quiz Competition organized for the parents of the children of  Church of South India-HOME FOR POOR GIRLS (Balika Mandiram) conducted by VENUS.